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Better than a
Real Cigarette

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It is Vapor.

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Your Starter Kit Includes

How is Go Vapor Different?

GoVapor is the newest electronic cigarette to harness the benefits of clean nicotine. Using advanced technology, our electronic cigarettes allow one the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere without the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monixide found in traditional Tobacco cigarettes. With no offensive second hand smoke, this smokeless product offers a cleaner, greener environment for both the user and non-smoking community without giving up the nicotine and taste!

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Make the switch today and go smokeless with GoVapor. High quality GoVapor personal vaporizers outlast traditional e-cigs and are available in multiple flavors.

Learn How it Works

Leather Case

Tobacco Flavored
E-Liquid Container

USB Container

Fill Cartomizer Chamber

Wall Cable

Rechargeable Battery

Battery Pack: GoVapor heavy duty vaporizers are equipped with a long lasting battery that outlasts many traditional ecigs.

GoVapor cartomizer vaporizes your e-liquid to and delivers the vapor through the mouthpiece. 

Mouthpiece, easily removed for refilling

E-liquids are stored in the cartomizer chamber. 

Million Have Made the Switch...

By using a e-cig or vaporizer, your are not ingesting burnt chemicals and carcinogens that you would by smoking a regular cigarette. You still get the same nicotine enjoyment without the 4000 chemical compounds produced by cigarette smoke.


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Save Thousands per year

Not only your health will improve, also your finances.

The cost of smoking traditional cigarettes goes well beyond what you pay at the cash register. With traditional cigarettes, you are limited in the places you can smoke, you make many compromises, and your smoking also affects those around you. GoVapor vaporizers have no smoke and no odor, leaving you free to smoke in far more places, and with far less negative impact.

What Our Clients are Saying

"At a time when smoking is taboo, I finally don't feel like an outcast because of Go Vapor. I no longer have cravings due to being stuck inside at work or out eat"
-Ben Sarasota, Fl
"Go Vapor has made quitting cigarettes a reality. I was highly impressed with the quality and design. I've bought tons of other ecigs and I can tell you that Go Vapor has the best battery life. I could not be happier with my starter kit. Go Vapor has my vote!"
-Dan Chicago, Illinois
"I was very pleased when I received my e-cig kit from Go Vapor. It came in a nice case with a needle nose bottle for my smoke juice. That makes filling the tank much easier. I have been using my kit for about 4 weeks now with very little reduction in battery life or vapor production. The tank atty the kit comes with lasts all day and hasn't leaked at all. I was pretty impressed with the tank actually. I've tried just about every kind of atomizer/cartomizer under the sun, and this one has really held up. Overall, good buy! Thanks Go Vapor!"
-Justin Barrington, Rhode Island

Smokes & Tastes

Better than a
Real Cigarette

  • Check No Tar
  • CheckNo Ash
  • CheckNo Bad Breath
  • CheckNo Smelly Clothes


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